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Feed barley

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Quality measures: humidity 14%, grain admixture 5%, foreign аdmixture 2%,

Feed barley is a versatile feed used for cows, horses, goats, rabbits and other farm animals. The composition includes pure carbohydrates, a complex of vitamins and a little protein. The main advantage is high energy value and easy digestibility.

Barley is one of the most valuable foods for livestock obtained in natural way. It ideally combines all the necessary vitamins, microelements and nutrients. Feed barley, when added to compound feed, helps to strengthen the immunity of livestock, improve vital functions, animals more easily tolerate the cold during the period of winter stall keeping, they get sick less often. There is a lot of fiber in feed barley, which helps to cleanse the intestines and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The high energy value increases the stamina of animals.

Feed barley is used to feed cattle, pigs, horses, and poultry. Chickens and horses are given whole grain of barley, cattle and pigs - in crushed form. Grains of feed barley as a concentrated feed increase the meat productivity of animals and the egg production of hens.

Feed barley is especially necessary during periods of active growth for the correct nurturance of young animals, and if necessary, storing fat. Feed barley is also essential for dams as it is one of the best feeds to stimulate lactation and growth.

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