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Compilation of recipes for complete mixed compound feeds "manually" takes time and is not an optimal solution. For many farmers, this task is overwhelming.
The company Capital-AgroProm offers partners individual preparation of recipes for all types of farm animals and poultry.
Compound feed recipes are drawn up for animals of the corresponding age and production groups, taking into account the regulatory documents for compound feed.

The compiled recipe allows you to get food
that meets the nutritional requirements for this type of animal:
  • For lactating cows that give milk For lactating cows that give milk
  • Premium Premium
  • Program "0" Program «0»
  • For calves For calves

You know the required composition of clorm, but want to clarify the details?


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  • When buying more than 20 tons of compound feed - the development of a recipe is FREE of charge.
  • Calculation of a feeding program with more than 30 nutritional indicators.
  • A unique product to improve the efficiency of your enterprise.

Recipes and feeding programs

Recipes and feeding programs For each client, we individually calculate recipes and feeding programs for farm animals and poultry. The specialists of our consulting and technological department carry out a set of the following works:

  • They study the wishes of the client.
  • If necessary, they go to the farm or to the enterprise, assess the conditions of maintenance and the quality of the main feed.
  • They make up a compound feed recipe within the framework of the GKZ (State Reserves Committee) technical specifications, taking into account all the data:
    • client's requirements,
    • GOST,
    • recommendations of the creators of crosses (breeds).
  • As a result, the customer receives a feeding program that:
    • takes into account all the criteria of quality and safety,
    • ensures the full manifestation of the genetic potential of animals and poultry.
Рецепты и программы кормления

Manufacturing conditions

Order from 20 tons, by advance payment.

A period of 10 days for the shipment according to the recipe from the date of receipt of the initial data. We send a trial batch of feed made according to the agreed recipe. If everything suits you, then we start the production of the entire batch of feed. If necessary, we adjust the recipe to achieve the desired results, only after that we start production.


Development of individual recipes is possible
  • For cattle
  • For poultry
  • For fish

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