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Grain and products of its processing are the main sources of vegetable protein, mineral salts and carbohydrates. It is the main raw material for the milling, pasta, brewing, cereals, starch industries.

The company Capital-AgroProm offers products of its own production, grown by the leading crop farms of the Oryol region. All products are certified and comply with the current GOST standards.

Grains primary processing
The grains undergo primary processing:
  • The crop is transported to the unrefined grain bin.
  • A conveyor is installed under the binmdesigned to supply portions of grain for primary processing.
  • While on the conveyor, grains are cleaned from waste and are are sorted.
  • Using a stone separator, impurities are removed.

Further, the grains are sent to a special compartment, where they are distributed in portions. The product then enters the screw container, after which it enters the storage tank.

Crop storage is carried out both in the traditional way on grain hoppers and using the Silo Bag technology, which allows you to optimize costs and reduce the percentage of losses during storage. Well-ventilated premises are used as warehouses, where sanitary rules and fire safety measures are observed. The company is consistently investing in the expansion of its own production and storage facilities. This approach allows you to more effectively manage the risks associated with ensuring high-quality long-term storage of crops.

Our company has at its disposal five modern grain storage hoppers with a total capacity of 150,000 tons. We carry out drying and cleaning of grain, as well as product research in our own laboratory facilities.
You can buy grain from us in large quantities by shipment from the grain hopper in a dried and modified form.
The range includes cereals, legumes and oil crops.

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Our advantages:

  • Huge selection of crops;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Possibility of storing purchased grain in our granaries;
  • Prompt and professional grain shipment to any region of the Russian Federation and abroad.

We invite for cooperation farms, agricultural enterprises, intermediary firms and any other companies that are engaged in the purchase and sale of grain in tons in industrial volumes.

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As part of the additional service, we provide the following services:

  • Grain processing at grain hoppers;
  • Transportation;
  • Working with customs;
  • Professional advice.

Specify the prices for the wholesale of grain by the phone number indicated on the website. Operators will answer all questions regarding methods of delivery and payment, characteristics and varieties of products sold.

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