About the company

For all the time of work, our company has established itself as a reliable partner among agricultural producers in Russia, countries of near and far abroad.

The main directions of our company are: wholesale and large-scale wholesale (sale) of high quality grain crops, such as: wheat, barley, corn, oats, rye, peas, soybeans, sunflower - fodder (feed) and food products; production and offtake (sale) of compound feed, beet pulp, molasses, meal, cake, Dag's lupine and maltodextrim by shipment from grain storages (warehouses) to the buyer's (consumer's) auto and railway transport, and we also provide assistance in delivery to the buyer's unloading point.

  • Convenient packaging.

    Convenient packaging. At the request of the client, it is delivered in bags or big bags.

  • Volume discounts.

    Volume discounts. We reduce prices when ordering a large batch and for regular customers.

  • Freshness guarantee.

    Freshness guarantee. Safe storage in specialized granaries. We ship products directly from production. We control the storage conditions of raw materials to maintain quality.

  • Certificates.

    Certificates. Manufactured products are subject to mandatory certification.

  • Shipment in 1 day.

    Shipment in 1 day. We send the order immediately after payment and conclusion of the contract. Delivery or self-pickup by auto and railway transport from 25 tons in bulk

  • Compliance with GOST.

    Compliance with GOST. We strictly adhere to official requirements, regulations and standards.

  • Free samples

    Free samples. We organize sending out to any region of Russia and abroad.

A well-thought-out and streamlined process of purchasing, storage, reliable partnership with all manufacturing plants and grain-hoppers allows us to offer a wide geography of supplies.

Over the years of the company's work, we have developed well-established and trusting relationships with many suppliers, manufacturers, agricultural enterprises and other participants in the market for the production and processing of agricultural products. Cooperation with them on an ongoing basis ensures a stable increase in the quality of the products we supply.





Working with us you are guaranteed to get a reliable partner, favorable prices for your products, strict adherence to agreements and deadlines.

We are fully aware of the responsibility that we bear to every farmer, every farm and enterprise to provide them with only the highest quality products for the diet, because not only the health of the animal directly depends on it, but also the indicators of the final product, which will end up on the counter.

Drawing on our knowledge and experience, we apply new technologies and analytics to be a reliable partner for clients in the food processing, agriculture, financial sector and industry.

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